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Mission Statement

Our goal at Wiregrass Mediation Services (“WMS”) is to provide effective problem resolution and reconciliation services among and between people, businesses, organizations and governments prior to or after the initiation of legal proceedings through the use of neutrals versed in communication and negotiation skills.

Why Mediation Works

WMS understands that an effective negotiated agreement is one that is smart, efficiently arrived at, and improves or maintains relationships. Effective agreements also address the interests and concerns of all the parties involved. These agreements are strong and durable because they are based on the parties’ mutual assent without any uninvited direction from the neutral.

WMS believes that the key role of a neutral is to facilitate free flowing communication and remove obstacles to that flow where required or necessary and to provide direction where warranted or requested.

While mediation can take place in many states prior to the entry of a judgment, and sometimes afterwards, WMS believes that initiating mediation prior to or immediately after the inauguration of legal proceedings maximizes benefits to the parties in terms of costs, efficiency and satisfaction.